Crypto Hearsay

The “digital currency” META 1 Coin may or may not have the blessing of Abraham Lincoln and links to a gold mine in Nevada—but.

1. Introduction. Hearsay-III is a domain-independent framework for knowledge-.

cryptarithmatic problem and a cryptogram decoding problem In addition to the.

The Problem: Is Blockchain Inadmissible Hearsay? Page 3. Some jurisdictions have determined that blockchain evidence is admissible without applying.

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Lizarraga-Tirado, Ching noted, postulates computer-produced information can be hearsay or non-hearsay. Because a blockchain receipt is.

29 Jan 2015.

Horncastle And Others v The United Kingdom, ECHR 16-Dec-2014. The ECHR has held, unanimously, that there had been no violation of.

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